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What does a Script Supervisor do?

Let's bust some myths about this misunderstood and often overlooked film role. To start with, the title “Script Supervisor” is a misnomer. The name tells only a tiny fraction of the full story. A more accurate title would be “mini-director / mini-producer / screenwriter representative / actor sidekick / editor advocate”, all rolled into one inner circle film job. The position ties the work of those five creative filmmaking disciplines together. Because there's so little awareness of what the Script Supervisor truly does, there's a shortage of them, making it one of the most in-demand jobs in the film industry. (People don't exactly go to film school to become a Script Supervisor, and it's barely touched on in film school programs.) This has created an amazing opportunity for people wishing to break into film and get powerful industry relationships. As a Script Supervisor, you're working in lockstep with the Director, Producer, & Actors, and representing the Screenwriter on set, all day long, from your first day. You're actually paid to create those relationships (in a business that's all about relationships) while picking up directing, screenwriting & producing knowledge straight from the pros. It's the best and fastest way into the inner circle on film sets. Check out the free workshop below for case studies of brand new Script Supervisors who got their own work seen (and subsequent screenwriting, directing and producing offers) as a direct result of using my unique method and making an impression on the production companies who hired them to script supervise. (These are real-life case study interviews from brand new Script Supervisors who used my method.) It's all included in the free overview workshop on what Script Supervisors do all day, and how to get started! Get the free workshop below to see it!

Meet Jennifer Carriere,
Script Supervisor 

I began my script supervising career after I caught the bug for film and TV production in New Orleans, in 2008. I left a successful career in civil engineering and script supervised my first feature film weeks after training. I haven’t put the stopwatch down since and in early 2018 began producing TV series in addition to script supervising. My work includes hundreds of TV episodes script supervised and associate produced. Script Supervising has led me to travel all over the country for work, but mostly I share my time between Atlanta and New Orleans.

I left "comfy" to pursue unpredictable. Every day on set is an adventure!


Become a “mini-director / mini-producer / screenwriter representative / actor sidekick / editor advocate” with the most efficient training available. It's cuts all the waste and gets you right to results.